EPF UAN No – Universal Account Number


What is EPF UAN, How to get UAN, UAN Benefits

EPF UAN (Universal Account Number) is a new account number issued by EPFO to every EPF member. It will have details of all EPF accounts and will be linked with members’ Aadhaar Number. It is a new start from EPFO after understanding the problems of EPF beneficiaries.

UAN has proved to be a blessing in disguise for many EPF members. It has made the PF transfer very easy. I hope very soon PF withdrawal will also become a lot easier with UAN Online. UAN portal is easy to use and you can easy get answer to many of your queries relating to EPF.

What is UAN / Universal Account Number?

EPF UAN No - Universal Account Number

UAN is a twelve digit Universal Account Number for your Provident Fund which you will get from your employer. It is not your new EPF account number, rather it is an additional number in which all your EPF account numbers will be attached. Your all previous and current PF account numbers will be linked to your UAN Number.

EPFO is trying to connect directly to employees. It will reduce role of employer as right only employer can verify the identity of employee, but slowly intervention of employer is going to diminish. The best part is UAN don’t need employer. If your employer is not giving you your UAN you can get it directly at UAN Online Portal.

Almost all EPFO members have been issued UAN. Right now EPFO is trying to provide UAN to EPF members who are unemployed. It is advised to all EPF beneficiaries to get their UAN issues a.s.a.p. Now even unemployed and graduates who have never worked can even get UAN.

A quick View on UAN

  1. An employee will get only 1 UAN (Universal Account Number).
  2. It will not change how many jobs you may change and where ever you may go in India.
  3. Your Aadhaar Card, PAN card and Bank Account is linked to UAN.
  4. UAN is issued from EPFO to employer and then employer to employee.

Benefits of UAN No / Universal Account Number

  1. Link all your EPF accounts at one place.
  2. EPF transfer process is easy. One can do it online.
  3. Balance in old EPF accounts will be transferred and collected at one place.
  4. One can update personal details with EPFO online.
  5. You get SMS about monthly contribution in EPF account. With this facility you can easily know whether your EPF is deposited every month on time or not.
  6. Very soon many more facilities like EPF Withdrawal, Loan application will be online with UAN.
  7. Check EPF Balance.
  8. Download E-Passbook.
  9. Check EPF Claim Status
  10. Apply EPF transfer online

How to get UAN Number

For Old Employees

The EPFO has issued UAN Number for every PF member to their employers. All the employers are directed to give this UAN to all employees. Employees will have to provide KYC documents to employer and he will update it at UAN portal. Otherwise employee can update the KYC details himself and employer will verify it.

For New Employees

When an employee joins a new job, the employer will deposit PF contribution for him/her. If the employee had been working somewhere else before, the employer will fill details at Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP). If UAN was issued to employee earlier, he can give it to new employer. If no UAN was issued previously, the employer can generate new UAN.

Old EPF Account Money/ EPFO Inoperative Account Help Desk

There are approx. 60 million EPF accounts which are in inoperative condition and approx. Rs.260 billion is there in these accounts. With introduction of UAN this problem will solve up `to some extent. Your old EPF account will be linked to your UAN, if KYC details matches.

If your old company is closed and you don’t have your old PF number you can still trace your old EPF account and link it to your UAN. EPFO has started a new mission to identify all inoperative accounts and trying to link them. For this EPFO has started EPFO Inoperative Account Help Desk to trace your old PF account. If you still face any problem you can share your experience by commenting below.